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Why Private Car Service is the Best Option for Your Guest’s Travel?

Private Car Service is a crucial aspect of an event that’s more important than your guests and attendees may realize. Most people don’t think about it until something goes wrong. When it does it becomes clear just how key transportation is to an event’s success! Ideally, your transport system should be smooth and seamless getting everyone where they need to go without delay. But planning and executing this can be more complicated than it seems.

Benefits of Private Car Service for Guests

You might wonder why you should provide transportation when there are many options for public and private transport. Depending on your event’s location guests may have access to buses, trains, subways, taxis and rideshares like Uber and Lyft. For local events, people can drive their own cars. So why not let attendees plan their own transport?

Here’s why:

  • Ease for Guests: Extra planning can be tough on guests especially those coming from out of town.
  • Event Smoothness: Having guests arrive via a pre-planned transportation system can make your event run more smoothly. This is especially true if there’s a specific schedule to follow at the venue. Arriving at the same time and place can be a big advantage.
  • Parking Solutions: It solves the problem of ensuring enough parking for everyone who drives.
  • Sustainability: It’s usually more sustainable than each guest traveling individually.
  • Guest Experience: Providing transportation lets your guests enjoy themselves without worrying about how to get to and from the event. It removes hassle making the event a better experience.

Pro tip: Private Car Service is also a great sponsor opportunity! This can help offset costs while providing a feature that attendees will appreciate.

5 Options You Can Set Up for Luxury Car Service

Whatever mode of transportation you choose, make sure it accommodates people of all abilities. Here are five options:

  1. Bus or Coach: For moving a large number of people a bus or coach is often best. For an eco-friendly option choose a service with electric buses.
  2. Shuttle: For events with multiple pickup or drop-off points a shuttle service is ideal. It’s also useful if people need transport at various points throughout the day.
  3. On-demand Transit Shuttle Services: This dynamic service scales the availability of chauffeurs and vehicles to meet demand. Examples include Via which provides on-demand shuttle services.
  4. Lyft Concierge: With this service you provide users with a link to request a Lyft that you pay for. It’s not perfect for transporting large groups but it’s suitable for small events or special guests.
  5. Rideshare Aggregator App: If your budget doesn’t cover transportation, recommend a rideshare aggregator app to help guests find affordable rides.

How to Arrange Private Car Service for Event

Setting up transportation varies by event but you can follow these steps:

Gather Data

Start by collecting data to determine your transport solution. Ask:

  • How many people are attending?
  • How many are from out of town and staying at partner hotels?
  • How many partner hotels are there and how many guests are staying at each?
  • How many event locations are there and where are they?
  • What is your event schedule?
  • When are the busiest times likely to be?
  • Are there other events happening at the same time?
  • What public and private transport options are available?
  • Is public transportation robust enough for some attendees?

Develop a Transportation Plan

With your data create a rough transportation plan. You’ll either need a two-way trip mode of transportation or a shuttle service:

  • Two-way Trip: For half-day or full-day events where most people stay the entire time a two-way event shuttle or bus service works best. This service takes people to the venue at the start and makes the return trip at the end. It can include door-to-door pickup or designated locations.
  • Full-day Shuttle Service: For events where people come and go all day a shuttle service traveling between the venue and pickup points is better. Create a route that accommodates busy and slow periods and consider multiple routes for large events.

Call Vendors 

Contact vendors for pricing estimates. The cost depends on the number of vehicles and chauffeurs needed and the duration of the service. Talk to vendors before finalizing your plan for essential information like vehicle capacity and efficiency. After choosing a vendor, finalize your route details and vehicle needs. Ensure your transportation partner test-drives the route for accuracy. Make sure they have vehicles that can accommodate wheelchairs and that these are available for your event.

Professional Service Helps Make Your Event Smooth

The success of your event doesn’t hinge on the transportation system alone. However a good private car service can make the event better for guests and attendees. When people can get where they need to go smoothly they’ll have a better overall experience.

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