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Make Beautiful Memories on Your Prom

Make an Enterace Like a Star!

Prom Limousine by LuxLimo is just what you need for a fantastic time with your friends. Whether you’re a big group or just a couple, LuxLimo makes sure you have fun. Prom limo rental is there for you from start to finish. We are excited to make your teenage moments even more special.

Are you looking for the best deal on a prom limousine in NY? It might take a bit of your time. Because the options are nearly endless with over 300 limo services in New York City. With so many choices, choosing the best deal can be quite tough. Don’t rush while deciding.

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Why Choose LuxLimo for Proms?

LuxLimo is the most reliable prom limo provider in New York. We will make the journey as memorable as the destination itself. Your prom experience starts the moment you step into the limousine. This scenario makes you feel special and starts your night with elegance and style.

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Reserve Your Limousine for Prom

Booking your limo with Lux is the best choice. Call us at (917) 720-3644 to book your ride or simply fill out our reservation form online. Our New York limo service team is right here to help. Click on the button below to reserve the luxurious and competitively priced limo service in New York City.

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Prom Limo Rental for Couples

Prom has become more flexible these days with not just couples but friends or solo attendees joining in the fun. Guys typically go for classic black or white suits, and bow ties to match their date’s dress. Choose LuxLimo to make your prom night in NYC unforgettable from the moment you leave your doorstep.

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Experienced Chauffeurs

LuxLimo is always careful about your safety, our chauffeurs always make sure your ride is smooth and luxurious with us and get the kids back home on time safe.

Arrive in Style with LuxLimo

Make a grand entrance in a stylish limousine on your prom night. It means turning heads the moment you pull up the prom. Our limos are equipped with the latest amenities.

Luxury Transportation

LuxLimo takes care of all your travel details. We plan the best routes and enjoy a hassle-free and unforgettable night with leading prom limo rentals in New York.

Premium Limousines

Don’t just go for the lowest price when hiring a prom limo in NY. You might face issues like the car not being what you expected, chauffeurs who are hard to communicate worse. Choose Lux and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

FAQs about LuxLimo: Prom Limo Rental

How many max people can get in a limousine?

Lux has limousines in different sizes. We have rides for all your needs and occasions. Some of our limos are for a couple and some can fit you and your friends. Inform us about how many people you are, and we’ll provide the best limo for your group.

What is included in the prom limo rental package?

Generally, you’ll get a super fancy ride, drinks and a professional chauffeur who is well aware of New York City. Plus, you can add any special requests during reservation.

Should I book my prom in advance?

LuxLimo is always ready to serve you. We can accommodate urgent rides depending upon availability. But we recommend that you reserve your prom a week before your memorable night.

Can we play our music in the limo?

Absolutely, and we encourage it! LuxLimos’ are equipped with the latest sound systems. We advise you to bring your playlist and enjoy a party on wheels.