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Chauffeur Service with Executive Vehicles

Enjoy the Luxury and Comfort!

LuxLimo presents an exclusive chauffeur service, offering style and luxury for your journeys across New York City. Whether you need an executive ride for work meetings or a comfortable trip to any airport in NYC, we’re ready to accommodate your needs. Our chauffeurs are professional and skilled, ensuring a service that is ideal and smooth. LuxLimos has premium sedans, SUVs, sprinter vans, and limousines to fit whatever you need. Choose LuxLimo for executive chauffeur service in NYC.

Make your trip to New York City extra special by booking premium chauffeur service by LuxLimo. New York City, is a destination that captures the imagination of many with its entertainment and global visitor base. 

Trying to get a cab on New York’s busy streets or visiting through crowded buses and trains can be tough, especially during peak hours. You can book your chauffeur service for a simple trip from point A to B or have a vehicle at an hourly rate.

Chauffeur Service NYC

Premium Chauffeur Service By LUX

LuxLimo has been providing Chauffeur service for more than a decade in New York. Our team of chauffeurs are professional and skilled.

Professional Chauffeur Service

Professional Chauffeur Service

Imagine visiting around New York City without any hassle. You’ve got your own uniformed chauffeur who knows the best routes. LuxLimo is proud of their chauffeurs, each with a profound knowledge of the city, ready to guide you through its marvels. There’s no better way to see it than in a fancy car. Select your desired vehicle from our fleet, reserve your ride, and enjoy New York as you smoothly go to your next place. We have professional drivers and a range of modern, safe cars. Book with us for an easy way to get around New York.

Various Chauffeur Services

Various Types of Chauffeur Services

Chauffeur services in NYC by LuxLimo shine as a beacon of luxury and comfort, serving a wide range of customers with varying needs. From traditional services that prioritize personalized care and attention to app-based solutions for quick and easy luxury travel, and specialized services designed for event transportation, each service aims to provide an ideal experience. Exceeding the expectations of clients, every journey with LuxLimo is a premium travel experience where every detail is carefully considered to make your journey extra special.


Traditional Chauffeur Services

Traditional chauffeur services aim to deliver a bespoke, premium experience, particularly suited for busy executives, celebrities, and individuals in search of reliable and luxury transport. These services include personalized amenities such as door assistance and climate control, underpinning their commitment to privacy and attentiveness.

On-Demand Services

On-demand luxury car services available on your website, provide a convenient and fast way to book a ride. By simply filling a reservation form, you can swiftly secure a high-end vehicle for your transport needs. This modern approach not only ensures ease of access but also the comfort of live tracking for the arriving vehicle, enhancing the user experience with technology.

Event-Based Chauffeur Services

These services are specifically designed to meet the demands of significant occasions, like weddings, business forums, or entertainment events. LuxLimo specializes in event-based chauffeur services, making complicated schedules smooth and manageable.

FAQs about Chauffeur Service NYC

Can LuxLimo chauffeur accommodate special requests during the ride?

Our Chauffeurs are capable of accommodating special requests during your ride. They will take care of your luggage and play the music you want, all about making your journey enjoyable.

Is it possible to customize the chauffeur service according to my needs?

Yes, LuxLimo is committed to meeting your unique travel requirements by offering customizable service packages. Whether you have specific preferences for your journey or desire an exceptional travel experience, our team is dedicated to creating the ideal service package tailored just for you.

How early should I book the chauffeur service?

It’s better to reserve a chauffeur service a week before the day of travel, that enables the maximum vehicle options and amenities. However, we facilitate the bookings at least three hours before the pickup time.

Does LuxLimo provide chauffeur services for direct transfers within New York?

Yes, LuxLimo has got you covered for any point-to-point transfer, servicing all major airports in the area, including JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, and Westchester.