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Van Rental NYC

Lux Limo

Sprinter vans driven by professional chauffeurs are available for group and family travel.

14/12 Passengers Sprinter Vans

Best for Group & Family Tours

Van Rental NYC by Lux is famous for its luxury and comfort, explore New York’s major interactions without any travel hassle. We provide spacious and comfortable vans that keep everyone in your group together during city tours. Choose from our selection of 12 or 14-passenger vans for larger groups, or opt for more compact minivans seating 7 or 8, based on your group’s size. Our fleet includes various makes and models, all meticulously maintained and cleaned to ensure your friends’ adventure in New York is nothing short of perfect.

Traveling with a large group? Passenger Vans by LuxLimo are ideal for exploring New York City. Our vehicles offer enough space for your luggage, always ensuring a comfortable journey around the city. Imagine cruising in New York streets in a luxury van with the whole of your group together. With a LuxLimo Sprinter van, your New York City adventure is bound to be unforgettable.

Van rentals

Chauffeurs Driven Sprinter Vans

New York City offers countless wonders. Want to experience everything together with your group in comfort? Renting a van from LuxLimo is the most suitable option.

airport vans

Hire Sprinter Van at LGA and JFK

Start your New York City journey with our convenient LaGuardia and JFK International Airport vans. Pick your 12/14-passenger sprinter van at the airport and begin sightseeing as you enter the beautiful city. If you’re planning to visit attractions like Queens Zoo and Astoria, LaGuardia Airport gives you quick access to these attractions.

Explore New York

Must-Visit New York City Attractions

There are endless sights in New York City, here is the list of top tourist spots for you to start exploring: Rockefeller Center, The High Line, the 9/11 Memorial, Coney Island, and many more. With LuxLimo, these iconic destinations are just a drive away. Our professional team makes sure you get the pleasure of traveling with us without any hassle.

Sprinter Van Renal

Best for Airport Transfers

Every airport has its specific arrangement for renting vans. As an example, LaGuardia offers a convenient shuttle service to transport you from Terminal A to the facility. Similarly, you’ll find the van services across arrival sections. To book your sprinter van by LuxLimo, fill out the reservation form and your chauffeur will be available for pickup on time.

Avoiding Fuss of Traffic

Our chauffeurs are well-informed of how to move through the streets of New York. Traffic can be confusing, especially in the morning and late afternoon. But that stops you when you’re with LuxLimo. Planning your city trips between 10:00 am and 3:30 pm can make your travels much easier.

Safety and Etiquette

To be safe on New York City’s roads, you need to pay attention and be considerate of other road users. Additionally, avoid blocking intersections and stop for school buses.

Extra Amenities

With LuxLimo, you can offer some extra requests like newspaper, blokey, drinks, or any other specific thing. We are committed to providing the best travel experience in NYC.

Van Rental FAQs

What is a Sprinter Van going to cost me?

The price can change depending on the type of sprinter van you choose, how long you need it, and if you want any extra amenities. LuxLimo offers a price for a few hours, and if you want, you can request a quote for a whole day.

Does LuxLimo provide a safe ride?

Absolutely. We always make sure our chauffeurs are skilled and experienced. A chauffeur will take care of you and your luggage throughout the journey.

Can I ask for a special route or stops?

Yep! LuxLimo offers flexibility. Just inform us about your plan when you book. We make sure to schedule your route as per your request and everything is according to your expectation. We try our best to avoid any type of unpleasant surprises.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Of course, you can cancel your ride anytime before two hours of the pickup time. We understand the change of plans and respect our customer’s schedule.